Fore! Frolf anyone?

October 5, 2005

Unusual use of Renkoo #487: planning the weekly Disc Golf game.  Or Frolf, as it was once called on Seinfeld.

Torrey throwing a disc

Torrey and Paul started using Renkoo recently to plan their Saturday disc golf game.  They invited me along to give it a try.

Disc golf provides a surprisingly good workout, with a nice mix of rough terrain hiking, and throwing of slightly weighted discs.  It is nothing like my experience as a discus or hammer thrower, and nothing like ultimate frisbee.  It’s sort of like golf, except you purposely throw your club/disc, there are no grassy fairways or golf carts, and the 9 hole course at Coyote Hellyer Park in San Jose is free (racoons, lizards, and poison oak included).  It is generally usually played in groups of 2-4 people per hole.

The day would not have been complete with the promised stop at In-N-Out Burger, which really hit the spot after 18 holes.

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