Extra ticket?

October 1, 2005

[Green Day Favor]

We all have the friend who cancels at the last minute because he or she is ill, or has to wash hair, or something. This happened to me twice recently (what can I say, my friends are busy!), and I used Renkoo to find last minute replacements.

A week ago, four of us went to the Green Day concert at SBC Park in San Francisco. Last night, ten of us went to see the movie Serenity "opening night" at the Shoreline Theater in Mountain View. In both cases, we had an extra ticket bought in advance.

In the past I would have sent email to all of my friends (too spammy and difficult to track!), called them individually (who has the time?), or let the ticket go to waste (what fun is that?).

Using Renkoo I could casually mention to friends,

I have an extra ticket, anyone want in?

Renkoo lets friends know about things you’re thinking about doing, so they can hop on if they’re interested, too.

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