Peeking into peak experiences

September 11, 2005

Drinks -n- 0ysters

I used Renkoo to plan an anniversary celebration last night with Michelle at Zibibbo in Palo Alto, California.

It turned out to be a peak experience we shared with each other (and now, thanks to the Internet, can share with you).

Peak experiences are what make life worth living. Think about it: if you had a choice to have a peak experience or an ordinary one, why would you opt for the ordinary experience? You get a lot more enjoyment from a peak experience: you get to plan it (or stumble upon it!), then have it, then remember it — and share it with your friends.

It is the goal of Renkoo to help people plan and remember and share peak experiences.

And now, a little more about ours. Our evening began with some vibrantly-colored specialty house drinks with names like Lulu Tang and Zibibbo Fling, served in martini glasses, coupled with a half dozen creamy Kumomoto oysters on the half-shell.

We then enjoyed a round of appetizers — an antipasti plate teeming with hummus, tostada españolas, and lamb dolmas, accompanied by Pomegranate Kisses (also served in martini glasses to make them special).

For the next course, we shared savory steamed mussels with sweet glasses of Moscato d’asti.

The meal reached its epicurian climax as we enjoyed delicately prepared halibut and salmon accompanied by glasses of Riesling. For dessert, we shared a smooth huckleberry panna cotta with home brewed, fresh ground coffee. And even though we were quite full, we followed our culinary experience with a luxurious stroll around downtown Palo Alto to cap the evening right.

I look forward to planning, remembering, and sharing more peak experiences using Renkoo

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