Alpha pig roast and toast

August 27, 2005

Alpha Pig Roast and Toast

We shipped Renkoo alpha early this week, so it’s only appropriate that we used Renkoo to plan an alpha launch party at Dylan’s and Carrie’s place in Palo Alto.

Kevin had been extolling the virtues of a homemade barbeque pit, but rather than dig a hole he decided on a barbeque design involving 36 cinder blocks, mesh wire, and a load of sheet metal. Kevin and Joyce spent much of Thursday scrambling to call over fifteen butchers and meat wholesalers in the Bay Area, looking for someone who could offer us delicious roastable pig for our Saturday shindig. The gods were smiling upon us, for we auspiciously found Lucky Pork on Mission and 23rd in San Francisco, to which Kevin drove on Saturday morning to procure the goods — and the pig roast was on!

Joyce bought 30 ears of corn at the Farmer’s Market that morning, and Rifkin got a pony keg of Sierra Nevada Pale Ale, but the highlight of the evening’s "get your drink on" festivities was the tequila education. Which begs the question, which is better to use with tequila: table salt or margarita salt? As it turns out, it’s all good…

Following an elegant toast, Carrie procured the moist and tasty and oh-so-beautiful cake she got from Prolific Oven.

It wasn’t just a party. It was an experience.

One Response to “Alpha pig roast and toast”

  1. I can’t believe you f’in roasted a pig! That is so cool!

    Congrats on the roast. And the launch too.

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